The majority of our classes are accessible to all levels from the very beginner to the seasoned yogi.  All of our teachers work hard to offer modifications and create a safe comfortable environment to learn.

We also honor and empower more experienced yogis to take their practice to the next level under their own accord. All are welcome, every day.  


Barre is all the rage!  Join us for Barre for the physical as well as aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them. Move and breathe to choreographed motivating music. You’ve admired dancers’ bodies, admit it (we all have). Our barre classes combine Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers endure. Barre demands intense focus. This focus will remain to help you face your days calmly, confidently, and health-fully.  (with well-defined arms we might add)  * Class venue Signature of Solon

Quartz Crystal Bowl & Guided Meditation

Take a break from  real life to be transported to another world. For 45 minutes just breath and relax in restorative poses, lying down, (or even in a chair if you prefer) while being guided allowing the sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls to wrap around and comfort you in a deep meditative state. Guided meditations and/or Yoga Nidra will also be included in many of these classes. We guarantee you that you will leave with a peaceful smile and a full heart to fulfill the rest of your day.

Stretch & Tone 1

Please join us in a fun, gentle class that will focus on stretching the hips, lower back, and hamstrings. We will also strengthen the core. It is suitable for all levels. We will end with a guided meditation to help relax the body and mind. The goal of this class is to feel fantastic when you leave.

Stretch & Tone 2

Lengthen, strengthen, and tone your muscles in this mat Pilates based class. Each exercise will directly or indirectly target the core; a strong core supports better posture, makes every day movement more efficient, and helps prevent injuries. Challenge yourself to an hour of total mind-body engagement.  Ballet inspired stretches will be woven into this class to reduce soreness and prevent stiffness. Be challenged during class while expecting that same fantastic feeling as Stretch & Tone 1 when you are done with class. Join us for a well rounded Pilates based Stretch & Tone level 2.


Slow Vinyasa Flow is simply a more accessible slower paced vinyasa flow. This class will mindfully incorporate conscious flow of breath with movement of body. Slow Vinyasa is appropriate for beginners and brand-new students. The challenge in the class is from awareness of movement that is slow and focused.


A practice in which movement is synchronized to the breath. Power Vinyasa builds heat and power, our most challenging class and mental workout.


Vinyasa Yoga is a type of yoga that connects breath to movement to attain balance in the mind and body. Expect a deliberate sequence of poses from Sun Salutations, leading into and including plank, chaturanga dandasana, upward facing dog and downward facing dog and warrior sequences. The continuous movement of vinyasa reflects the impermanence of all forms and the necessity of accepting change to achieve balance and completeness. Think meditation in motion! Come to class expecting strength building poses, core work, and a flow of poses to move the body and quiet the mind.  Emphasis is placed on finding the edge of challenge while encouraging props and modifications as you build your practice to 'flow' through this class a bit more confident each time.


An 'energetic' practice.  Peace begins with inner peace. Yoga and Reiki can be experienced by anyone and are both accepting without judgement. This class will begin with Reiki, an ancient Japanese modality for stress relief and healing, to transition from our busy day to taking an active part in our wellness. Following will be a Vinyasa flow to warm our hearts and muscles.  Moving with breath opening our bodies to stretch and strengthen. Expect some challenging poses while always being offered modifications to fit the practice to your current needs. The end of class will be a blissful extended savasana with Reiki. Take this feeling with you and sleep well.

* Please note that due to the specific nature of this class, in the event that the regularly scheduled teacher is unavailable effort will be taken to secure a substitute who can perform Reiki or they will offer other relaxation techniques, such as hands on assists, crystal bowls etc. 


A class for everyday living and for every body, encouraging health and healing of the body. Attention to proper and safe alignment of yoga postures and breathing techniques. This therapeutically oriented class energizes, relaxes, and relieves stress. A good place to start if you are stressed, feeling out of shape or overweight. This class is also a great compliment to your favorite sport or if you are physically active, improving strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. * Great for beginners


This is 'feel good yoga' evening class for all bodies.  The perfect blend of gentle, "feel good", somatic movements with breath, to open the body and release tension from the day. Setting the tone for a receptive body and quiet mind, the class will finish with 2 or 3 restorative postures and savasana.  This class will lead you into a good night's sleep, allowing for the deepest of healing and renewal to occur.


This class will open your body and clear your mind. Restorative yoga uses props (bolsters, blankets, blocks) to hold healing poses for longer periods of time creating a practice that cultivates stillness, relaxation, and a calmer state of being.


This class is a combination of Yin taught with a twist of restorative.  Enjoy the healing restorative poses to compliment the deeper hip and shoulder stretches. Yin is a practice of holding deep stretches supported in comfort by bolsters, blankets, and blocks to aid in opening some of our primary joints. During the Yin class at EssentialZen topics will range from the acupuncture meridians of the body, to mindfulness meditation, to the 7 chakras. Just come stretch and learn something new. Some poses may need to be modified if concerns with the knees shoulders or hips. Leave with a restored body, open hips, and a clearer mind.

Planks & Playtime

Calling all moms, dads, and nanny’s...

Get out of the house Saturday mornings with your toddler in tow! This flow yoga class allows your kiddos to play around the adult class while you get your stretch and workout on, judgment free… Only stipulation, any toddlers left after class will be given; candy, coffee, a free puppy and sent home!

Class will be driven by the energy and needs of the adult participants. Movement will be yoga based but could also include available therabands, squishy balls, body bars etc. Savasana with guided meditation will also be offered for those who want to indulge.

Kids ages envisioned: 0-4 years old

Pricing clarification: Paying for adult participant via standard studio pricing, packages or membership. Child attends at no extra cost. 

*Class venue Signature of Solon


Learn and refine fundamental yoga poses. This class will include both seated and standing poses, allowing time to focus on alignment as well as relaxation postures. Build strength, flexibility, and balance. Relax, breathe, relieve stress. Suitable for all levels. *Great for beginners.