Diana Phillips

Diana became a client of EssentialZen in 2016, shortly after moving back to the area, while looking for a different yoga experience than she had found in fitness facilities previously. About that same time she began her Reiki training.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist she utilizes orthopedic massage techniques to treat pain and dysfunction in the body while recognizing the connection between mind, body and emotions. Her approach to manual therapy is often enhanced with the healing energy of Reiki. Understanding the impact that pain has on the person as a whole, the role that our mind, determination and emotions play in our overall health, wellness, and happiness, she strives to continuously discover how to better work with the discomfort we can experience. As science continues to better understand how important all of our systems are to each other, and how they work together, Diana feels encouraged to blend the work of assisting the physical body in healing, with that of emotional wellness.
In this way, she works with each client to achieve their health and wellness goals by assisting the body to:

o Achieve functional balance to support structural balance and pain-free movement by balancing opposing muscle groups
o Increase joint space throughout the body and alignment and functionality of scar tissue
o Restore normal muscle resting lengths and move into a state of ease

She finds her joy helping others find the healing they are looking for and reaching their personal goals, as well as, challenging herself and others to never stop growing in all ways that make up the whole of who we are. Finding balance within the systems of the person (physical, mental and emotional). Understanding that pain and discomfort in the physical body can create a lack of ease in our mental and emotional experience, she feels called to work with others to find relief from pain and discomfort; assisting the body to release dysfunction, and do what it was created to do; move us!