Ericka Szabo

Ericka’s yoga journey began in her 20s when she realized yoga was not just another way to be active, but a way to heal and truly tap into the mind, body, and soul.  Ericka’s yoga practice wasn’t love at first sight. She will admit to anyone that her first few yoga experiences were a bit of a challenge. Due to her limitations from being diagnosed with a chronic condition at a young age, yoga just seemed a bit out of reach. That was until she found the courage to keep showing up and gratefully stumbled across some passionate teachers that were willing to work with her body and help her evolve her practice to something more than she could have ever imagined.

Soon Ericka enrolled in her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014—which would inevitably transpire into the start of her dream career. During her yoga training she was also certified as a Barre instructor. She believes barre is the perfect compliment to any yoga practice and truly loves to share these mindful practices with her community.

After her 200 hour certification, Ericka was offered an incredible experience that she couldn’t pass up. She started teaching chair yoga at a senior living facility and instantly fell in love. Ericka always had a big heart for the elderly and knew this was her calling. This is when she decided to take her yoga practice and teachings to the next level and dove into specialty yoga —chair yoga, yoga for seniors, and yoga for individuals with limited mobility.

With her keen curiosity to always learn and grow, Ericka continued on with her “student for life” mentality and decided to dig a bit deeper into her yoga and barre practices and teachings. In July 2017, Ericka leaped back into her barre studies and became certified in Barre Attack with the fabulous Renee Scott in Sydney, Australia. While living in Sydney, she also became very fond of yin yoga. Shortly after returning back to the U.S., she decided to adventure out to west to learn from some of the very best yin teachers out there. In November 2017, Ericka had the honor to study under the beloved teachers, Bernie Clark and Diana Blatt in a 50 hour Yin Yoga Training at Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver, Canada.


In May 2018, Ericka continued her yoga education and trained under Maty Ezraty at her Blueprint Poses Intensive Teacher Training in Chicago. Here she learned how to decode the “Blueprint Poses”—four groups of key fundamentals for building pose variations.


In June 2018, Ericka was eager to take her practice to the next level and headed back to Vancouver to complete a 40 hour Deep Meditation Training with Bernie Clark and Natalie Keiller.


Ericka’s plan is to continue evolving her yoga education & practice. She is currently working towards her 500 hour certification and is excited to share the love and beauty that yoga has to offer. Her urge to learn is priceless. However, she credits yoga for truly lighting her fire to be her very best self and helping others to be as well. As a teacher, she aspires to pass this knowledge on to all of her students.

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