Freia Ramsey


Freia Ramsey has studied many forms of yoga since 1997. Her certifications are in Classic Hatha Yoga from the Krishnamacharya lineage and Yoga Therapy through TRY4LIFE yoga.  She sees clients privately and in small individualized classes and also teaches Yoga teacher Trainings and workshops. Freia’s yoga classes are based on the needs of the students in that moment; facilitating self-awareness and giving each student the tools to create positive change in their whole being: body, mind and spirit.


My yoga teaching comes from a sincere desire to help people to alleviate suffering in their bodies and their minds. Yoga has helped me to overcome anxiety and depression, to realign my spine, to feel strong and resilient in my body and to feel a sense of deep inner peace. The greatest benefit of my yoga practice however, is how it helps me to be kinder with myself and others and allows me to be a be present and loving with my daughter, husband family and friends.  I want to share this life changing practice with others who are ready to be their best selves.


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