Randi Owens

Randi is a corporate executive and was in search of a holistic approach to relieve stress.  She found this relief in the practice of yoga. Her first class was “Relax and Restore” with Kris Radzanowski.   Randi vividly remembers her first day on a yoga mat; almost hyperventilating while lying in Savasana. 


The more classes she attended, however, the more she fell in love with the practice.  Randi found she was not only benefiting from meditation through breathe and movement, but yoga was also increasing her balance, flexibility and strength.  The level of healing and sense of calmness that came with the practice was unexpected, and it has now become a way of life for her.


Randi’s practice has evolved through the years, and she found a desire to share what she has learned with others.  She completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training, and is now honored to be a part of a studio where the owner first introduced her to yoga.  Randi brings her positive energy to each class with a flow that serves all levels.  She would like to thank Kris for the inspiration and opportunity, and it is her wish that students find what they are looking for in this beautiful, lifetime practice.

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