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Jenny Gates

Jenny Gates, owner of Gates To Yoga, first discovered yoga in 2010 through her mother. After finding how this practice created new ways of positive thinking and living, along with the many benefits yoga brings mentally and physically, she decided to deepen her knowledge with yoga teacher training not long after. Gates To Yoga was established in 2013 with a goal to assist students on their yoga journey.

Jenny teaches just about any style of yoga, but has mostly gravitated to Wellness and Therapeutic Yoga over the years. Through her teachings, Jenny hopes to bring the same source of inspiration and self-love to her students that she received through her own teachers.

"My goal is to help students get started with and continue to assist in their practice of yoga through simple, effective ways that I learned from all of the teachers I've trained under, the teacher I found within myself, and the teachings that continuously come from my students."


Jenny is also a Reiki Master Practitioner  filled with a love for astrology, traveling, the moon, gardening, botany, occupational therapy, and just about everything outdoors.

Jenny Gates yoga teacher at essentialzen
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