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Reiki is a form of energy work that brings both the body and the mind into alignment. It works with the chakras (energy centers) of the body as well as the energy channels. Reiki works on different levels of the physical, mental, and emotional which enhances everything.  One of the greatest benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health..  It is especially helpful if you are feeling stressed, trying to make an important decision or if you are just feeling a little "off". 

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Therapeutic Massage 

Therapeutic massage incorporates a variety of advanced modalities that enhance the body’s natural restorative functioning. Light to firm touch is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, and impart a sense of calm. Therapeutic massage can be used as a collaborative, supportive addition to conventional medical treatment of illness and injury, alleviating pain and stress, aiding soft tissue healing, and revitalizing the body. Also, regular massage can enhance health, providing relaxation, release of muscle tightness, relief from anxiety and tensions, and balancing aspects of body/mind/spirit.

Therapeutic Massage and CranioSacral (details below) with Diana can be combined into a treatment of 90 or 120 minutes.

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CranioSacral Therapy

Few structures have as much influence over the body's ability to function properly as the brain and spinal cord. The central nervous system is heavily influenced by the craniosacral system - the membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord.


Every day our bodies endure stresses and strains that it must work to compensate for. Unfortunately, these changes often cause body tissues to tighten and distort the craniosacral system. These distortions can then cause tension to form around the brain and spinal cord resulting in restrictions. This can create a barrier to the healthy performance of the central nervous system, and potentially every other system it interacts with.


Fortunately, such restrictions can be detected and corrected using simple methods of touch. With a light touch, Craniosacral techniques are used to release restrictions in the tissues influencing the craniosacral system.


By normalizing the environment around the brain and spinal cord and enhancing the body's ability to self-correct, CranioSacral Therapy is able to alleviate a wide variety of dysfunctions, from chronic pain and sports injuries to stroke and neurological impairment.


What conditions does CranioSacral Therapy address?


Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury 

Migraines and Headaches

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Stress and Tension-Related Disorders

Chronic Fatigue


TMJ Syndrome

Scoliosis Related Conditions

Central Nervous System Disorders

Learning Disabilities


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Orthopedic Problems

And Many Other Conditions

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