Molly Weiss


 Molly first stumbled onto yoga by accident in 2010, as a senior at Orange High School. When her senior project was cut short, she did not know where to turn. As fate would have it, she was invited to participate in an alternate project at a local yoga studio. Having never taken a yoga class before, she was quickly hooked. Ever since that fateful day, yoga has continued to support Molly through every stage of her life, whether it be through college, graduate school, buying a house, planning a wedding, or her current job as a speech-language pathologist at the Monarch Center for Autism where she incorporates aspects of yoga and meditation every day. Molly decided to become a yoga instructor in the hopes that she may help others to find this level of support, grounding, and strength in their own lives off the mat. Molly’s teaching style is Vinyasa Flow, combining movement and breath into one complimentary practice. It is her hope that upon leaving her class, students feel strong, energized, and confident that they can handle anything that comes their way! 


Molly Weiss yoga teacher