Our equine companions have their own Bemer Vet unit that is a secret weapon for the 2017 Kentucky Derby winner and quickly becoming a secret weapon for Olympic riders and local athletes.  We will demo at your barn if you are local and support your experience with rental of the Bemer Vet and ongoing support with a Vet unit purchase.

Bemer Vet was just named the best innovative horse product in all of Europe. Newly available for use in United States! Whether your equine companion is recovering from injury or in top performance, BEMER is proven for:

  • increased absorption of nutrients from quality foods and supplements

  • A focused consistent energy

  • Pain relief and quicker injury recovery

  • Increased circulation to hoof and entire system,

  • Enhanced parasympathetic nervous system helping with digestion

  • Decreased stress from trailering and change of locations

A quick session before training, competition or transportation results in calm, focused energy for enhanced performance.

yoga for horse and rider
yoga for horse and rider

New Rent to own Program $400 per month

For rental or inquiries contact Kris by email or mobile  330-221-4037

For sales visit our shop