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Jackie Angelo

Jackie wasn’t looking for yoga when she and some friends took on the P 90X challenge in her basement. Tony Horton’s high-energy message “Do your yoga people!” motivated her to take a class at Yoga Lounge. She fell in love with the Heat, sweat, and welcoming feel of her mat. She felt home.

Jackie’s yoga mat is where she began to understand that Yoga isn’t about getting it perfect. It’s about being patient with who you are in the moment, slowing down and finding your breath and surrendering to stillness. It was on her mat that she began having an intimate dialogue between her body, mind, and heart. Each part learning to express itself, finding compassion, and letting go.


Jackie enrolled in the 200 hour Yoga Lounge teacher training program to grow her practice. It wasn’t long until her inner teacher took over. She new she had to share what she was learning with others. Jackie holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a certified elementary school teacher.


She is beholden to her teachers Amy Cook and Charry Morris for their nurturing inspiration, guidance and knowledge and to her fellow teacher trainers for their encouragement, support, and humor. She is grateful to her children, Bobby, Derek, and Leah for their love, support and willingness to take this journey with her.


Jackie is grateful for those who come to class giving her the opportunity to share what she loves with others.  Jackie’s most inspiring words to her fellow yogis are to just show up. You are worth the effort!

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