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Justin Hall

Born and raised in Portage County, Justin always took a liking to nature and moving his body. At a young age he found passion in dancing and being outside. As he grew up, those passions were put aside as normal adult life took hold. When Justin found himself struggling with his mental and emotional health, he rediscovered a connection to himself through the in-depth study of yoga philosophy and practice of the 8 limbs. Justin dedicated himself to studying and practicing yoga and used it to transform his mental and emotional health, while rediscovering balance and connection with life. He studied and practiced qi gong and tai chi for 2 years under a tai chi sifu (master). During that time, Justin was enthralled with the magic of the qi, the energy running within and all around the body, and how that relates to health and happiness. He started fusing the 2 practices and studying the differences and similarities in his home practice.


Outside of the world of yoga, Justin teaches a full body workout system for professional fighters at Strongstyles gym. He loves hiking and camping with his girlfriend and friends. Justin feels at home when he's sitting in the forest or petting a cute pup 🐶 Justin found the light at the end of the tunnel, and loves to share what worked for him in his journey because it brings him joy. This is the start of something wonderful in his life, and Justin can't wait to see how his journey in yoga, qi gong, holistic health and spirituality unfolds!

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