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Krystal Buxa


Krystal Buxa found her love for yoga after her daughter was born in 2019. After seeing firsthand how yoga healed the mind and body, she decided to take her passion to the next level with 200 RYS teacher training. She utilizes yoga/meditation as a guide for balance and equanimity in creating ultimate peace.

While practicing as a student and teacher, she gained compassion in helping others through their yoga journeys.

Krystal enjoys teaching all types of yoga but gravitates towards vinyasa/basics classes in hopes to help her students find connection through breath and body. She states “if you can breathe, you can yoga,” meaning it doesn’t matter what shape your body looks in the asana poses but how you can bind breath with movement to lead to a more sustainable way of living.

In between classes, Krystal offers an amazing Thai Massage on a heavy dense mat with an infrared heating blanket lined with crystals!  This style of massage incorporates acupressure and yoga-like stretching while being fully clothed. Wear comfy yoga type clothes! 

Link here for details

Krystal has many interests including hula hoop/dancing, traveling, outdoor adventures, swimming, astrology, cooking, biking, and gardening.

Krystal Buxa a yoga teacher at essentialzen
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