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Molly Jansen

Molly first came to yoga in the 1970's and continued to explored a variety of self-taught yoga methods including Beryl Bender-Birch and Baron Baptiste. Molly received her 200 hour teaching through Baptiste Power Yoga training several years ago, which is a systematic group of asanas, linked together by connective movement using gaze, breath, foundation, heat and vinyasa flow. Since that time, she has been fortunate to train with a variety of beautiful, talented teachers, formed karma classes for the school teachers she works with, and currently teaches at EssentialZen.


She is currently enrolled in a 300 hour training program through Taproot Yoga with Freia Ramsey and Lyndsey Stropkey which is an exploration in yoga history, philosophy Ayurveda, and a variety of yoga practice philosophy. The training focuses on yoga for individual bodies, minds and souls.

Molly is a speech language pathologist working with students who are language learning disabled, including students on the autism spectrum and students with multiple handicaps. She has found that incorporating breath, mindfulness and movement allows her students to find calm and regulate their bodies.

Molly’s yoga classes are light-hearted, strong, slower paced, vinyasa classes which incorporate modifications to take students deeper or to make an asana more accessible to the particular needs of the individual students. She believes that our mats are our mirrors, and we need to find the asanas that fit our bodies, not that of the person next to us or the pose we have seen in a magazine. Molly believes yoga to be medicine strength and peace of mind for the body, mind and spirit bringing healing, energy, strength and peace of mind.

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