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Friendly greeting at essentialzen yoga studio front desk

Located in Aurora, OH EssentialZen meets you wherever you are in your yoga practice through a variety of classes and authentic teachings. 

Our talented teachers help you to not only expand your strength and flexibility but also to deepen your mind-body connection by focusing on the eight limbs of yoga.

We hope you will give our caring, joyful community a visit soon!

Aurora’s Community
Yoga Studio

Find peace, contentment and strength amidst the warmth of community at EssentialZen Yoga. Come experience for yourself the welcoming yoga home our teachers, staff, and fellow students have created here.

Yoga class styles range from gentle and therapeutic wellness to Vinyasa and stronger varieties. We hold workshops on diverse topics designed to help you deepen your yoga practices on and off the mat.

These practices will strengthen your mind-body connection in addition to helping you build strength, increase your flexibility and expand your range of motion.


yoga studio class doing a gentle pose in the studio

In person and virtual classes

Our main Aurora studio, located at 330 East Garfield Road, hosts a variety of classes- from gentle wellness to strong vinyasa, Pilates to crystal bowl meditations and more!

Enjoy additional classes such as Barre, and Slow Vinyasa yoga at the Signature of Solon Country Club, 39000 Signature Drive, Solon (club house open to all).

For your convenience, we now offer many  main studio (Aurora) classes as hybrid- in person and live stream. 

Workshops and events

Specialty workshops allow deeper study of yoga techniques and interactive exploration of life-shifting practices you can apply on and off the yoga mat. 


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