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Kelsie Doran

Yoga found Kelsie when she was only 10 years old, at a Women and Sports Day event at school. It was a positive experience and when she had time she would practice a bit of yoga here and there, but fell out of touch with it for a few years. Then, right before Kelsie was going into high school, the doctors told her that she had to quit her beloved sport of gymnastics due to a long list of injuries. She felt defeated until her mom told her that she should start doing yoga again – to help the injuries and to channel the physical practice that gymnastics used to fulfill. Kelsie signed up at a studio and was hooked; at age 15 she started practicing yoga almost every day.


When Kelsie turned 20 she started evolving her practice and realized that she would show up to class for the poses and physicality but what made her return was the meditation, breath work, and self-love. Kelsie found that the essence of yoga lies within the journey of becoming the best version of yourself – body, mind, and soul. Through the sweat, tears, and laughter, Kelsie found solace in knowing that her yoga mat had seen it all. Her bond with yoga started to become even stronger and her desire to teach became a voice in her head that she could no longer say no to. In 2014 Kelsie completed her 200 hour teaching training at Chagrin Yoga and has been teaching a variety of classes to a variety of people. Teaching yoga is a gift that Kelsie never gets tired of sharing. Along with being a yoga teacher, Kelsie is a level 2 Reiki Master and has a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. She is excited to be apart of the EssentialZen family and to continue her yoga journey. When Kelsie isn’t doing yoga she loves to write poetry, travel (she lived in Asia and taught aboard for a while!), and playing with her beloved dog, Sundae.

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