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Molly Ledinsky

Molly began her fitness journey with Jazzercize; she moved on to step aerobics and added walking and running. Molly’s first certification was Pilates, creating the passion for this strong core program, then group fitness certification in general. Molly loves the strength and control Pilates teaches; it builds long, lean muscles and encourages correct posture.


You‘ll experience these benefits as she passionately shares throughout her classes at EssentialZen.


Molly spent many years in the gym, participating in group classes, inspiring her to want to become certified to share and lead the classes herself. Outside of the gym, Molly has worked as a Sonographer at UH for the past 25 years. She also has a background in Public Health from Kent State University. If that isn’t enough to wear her out, Molly has been a member of the Western Reserve Rowing Association for six years and participates in a cycling group.

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