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Steve Turner

I started practicing yoga after watching the movie, AWAKE, the life of Yogananda. This movie is about Paramahansa Yogananda and it inspired my spiritual path. Meditating led me to polar plunging and then onto my yoga mat in 2014.


I fell in love with the practice of yoga and found myself knowing this was my path. I knew I wanted to share this practice like the great pioneers had shared with me. I am also a musician; I play the guitar, piano, gong, and singing bowls among other various musical instruments. I begin every class I teach with my guitar, encouraging my students to be in the present moment and into a peaceful meditation.

My classes tend to be an uplifting flow moving into a deep restful savasana. I enjoy sharing my passion for music and bring singing bowls, chimes or other musical instruments into my teaching . I hope my classes bring you to a state of bliss and at the same time leave you feeling alive.


When I’m not practicing I can be found in the woods hiking with my trusty sidekick puppy, Rosie, or riding my bike late night under the moon.


I received my CYT 200 certification in 2020 at EssentialZen. I am so grateful to share the joy of yoga with my students.

Steve Turner of Back to Earth Yoga teaching at EssentialZen
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